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19 May '17

All In White

Posted by Emilia Kotsoros

All In White

White is one of the best colours for summer. Not only because it’s a stunning base but also because it adds such a level of elegance to any outfit.

While an all white outfit can seem risky, it has a sophistication that can’t be beat. Pair a white jean and a white blouse with a nude heel or a bright pop of colour; it allows you to have fun with textures while sticking to a clean outfit.

White summer dresses can also bring any event to life. Firstly, you won’t be hiding in the shadows of an LBD. But, as well, a white dress is unbelievably versatile. Pair a weightless white dress with a pair of sneakers and it’s the perfect casual outfit or add a colourful wedge for date night.

The idea of white is daunting but once you break away from that idea, you’ll realize just how wonderful it can be and how it can change your wardrobe in the best way possible

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