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26 Jan '18

Brand of the Month: Charlise

Posted by Emilia Kotsoros

Three wool-blend sweaters

There's nothing quite like finding a brand that celebrates quality, price, and sophistication. Charlise, one of our newly discovered brand from Paris, does this but while maintaining the regard of any classic Parisian style enthusiast. 

While we've fallen in love with their pieces, so have you. Not for the faint of heart, their sweaters have been adored by all. Multi-blend pieces, combining natural and synthetic fibres, each one keeps you warm without the fear of overheating. While they all contain wool and angora, Charlise' sweaters are also quite light and easy to layer, making it perfect for our indoor/outdoor temperature differential. 

Winter isn't going away anytime soon, so if you're still on the hunt to find the perfect #sweaterweather addition, then come in and try one of these. With the large selection of fits and colours, it'll help ease the inevitable chill of the upcoming months. Another bonus? They're currently on sale, so come pick one up quick before they're gone!!

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