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03 Nov '16

Bundled Up for the Cold

The cold weather has hit us like a ton of bricks. Never mind the colder sunny days we usually see and say hello to wind and rain. While Montrealers are experts at surviving the winter months, it’s always something that we need to prepare ourselves for.

One positive note that comes out of the change in weather is that we can finally pull out our favorite coats or go on the hunt to *finally* find one. Like any style-lover out there, the ideal jacket or coat is one that will enhance your outfit, not hide it away. 

So after saying all this, we've recently gotten the perfect styles for your closet. Why not treat yourself and find a unique piece to add to your collection? Here are our top picks for this time of year. 

Shop all these pieces online and at our store on Laurier!

 Just because we put away our bikinis (until our next escape down south), it doesn’t mean our smiles need to disappear along with them. With your favourite new accessory keeping you warm, grab your girlfriends, a coffee and spend it outside admiring our beautiful city. Just don’t forget to Instagram some pretty fall leaves before they all turn brown.

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