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24 Mar '17

Spring Trends

I know it doesn't always feel like it, especially with our recent weather, but spring is right around the corner. Now's the time to pick up our most needed basics and find some new items that will rejuvenate our wardrobes.  

The warmer weather will sneak up on us and let's all be ready. Rather then spending the day in stores, why not get a head start so that you can enjoy being outside during the beautiful days. Here are some of our favourite trends of the season and how you can pair them with your favourite basics :)

You can never go wrong with stripes. That's why whether you wear them with your favourite linen pants or styled with a classic blue jean, they'll always make you look and feel good. Bootcut is making a comeback! So why not have some fun with the trend and try on these gorgeous Levi's ones. Not only will you make a statement, but you'll be able to do it comfortably as well ;) Finally, you can't go wrong with some crisp white sneakers and a black cotton pant. They've become the perfect options when you want to look a bit more put together but still stylish and relaxed. 

After picking out your basics, check out our gorgeous trend setting pieces that will make your heart flutter. Off the shoulder and bell sleeves? Double Check. Camo print or embroidery? Why not both? You'll even be able to carry these spring trends into the fall months later this year. Finally, we just couldn't get away from those stripes. Do what these fabulous fashionistas are doing and pair them with your trend pieces. Be bold and wear two patterns. Or keep it classic and wear the dress with your favourite jean jacket. Finally, lets not forget to biggest trend of the season, PINK. Come check out our selection of pink footwear that you simply won't be able to walk away from.

If anything, this spring season is teaching us that mixing our feminine and rougher pieces make for the best outfits. So come check out our new stock and let us help you find the perfect new pieces to add to your wardrobe!

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