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24 Feb '17

Let the Inspiration Begin

February is coming to a close and with that we are that much closer to the early signs of spring. Montreal has started to see these signs with warmer, longer days and the sun is finally coming out to treat us in the afternoons. Not only does this get you out of your winter blues but it also pushes you to go outdoors and check out our new arrivals ;)

So with that, what better way then putting together a few mood boards that will inspire both your spring and summer wardrobes. It doesn't hurt that spring break is also coming up, which means, if you're going away, you have the perfect excuse to begin looking for warmer pieces. 

It's time to put away our big coats and check out all the newest light denim trends. Whether you're looking for a classic high waist or you're on the hunt for a trendy pair of boyfriend cutoffs, we've got what you're looking for. This time of year also means you can step out in your favourite sweater without having to hid it under your winter coat.

The pinks are making a comeback this summer so don't be scared of getting yourself a lights sweater and pairing it with those white jeans. You also can't go wrong with a gorgeous pair of linen pants. They'll fit perfectly with your heels at work but also be effortless on the weekend with your favourite pair of espadrilles.

As always, you'll find these models on our website and in store. If you are on the hunt to update your spring wardrobe, stop by and we'll help you find the perfect pieces! 

10 Feb '17

À l'honneur: Articles of Society

Récemment nous avons publié un article sur nos jeans "Fidelity". Aujourd'hui on vous parle d'une autre marque incroyable, Articles of Society. 

Voici un jean avec lequel vous tomberez en amour pour la qualité et le prix. Venant de Los Angeles, ce jean est autant de tendance que de confort. 

Avec des trous qui tombent à la bonne place sur le genou et la taille pas trop haute, vous serez toujours confortable. Le fit des Articles of Society est assez irréel. Fait d'un tissus très doux, ils peuvent être portés lors des journées les plus longues. Comme ils arrivent à la taille réelle, ils conviennent à toutes les formes différentes. 

Articles of Society essaie de créer un jean tendance mais qui va aussi durer pendant des années. Ça veux dire des couleurs assez modestes mais ils ont réussi à faire un modèle gris incroyable. Le shading tombe au bonne endroit et rehausse vos jambes sans créer un look irréaliste.

Venez en magasin pour trouver votre taille parfaite, vous ne serez pas déçu!

03 Feb '17

New In: The Start of Spring 2017

Going away for Spring Break? Want to start looking for your staple spring/summer pieces? Come check out our new pieces. Whether you need one last sweater to get you through these winter months or you're already looking for some new swimwear, we've got you covered!

You can also never go wrong with a new pair of cropped jeans. Wear them with your tall winter boots for right now and then come springtime, they'll also be the perfect length to wear with your favourite sneakers. Head to our flagship store or check our online selection to see our new arrivals, they won't disappoint!