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03 Feb '17

New In: The Start of Spring 2017

Going away for Spring Break? Want to start looking for your staple spring/summer pieces? Come check out our new pieces. Whether you need one last sweater to get you through these winter months or you're already looking for some new swimwear, we've got you covered!

You can also never go wrong with a new pair of cropped jeans. Wear them with your tall winter boots for right now and then come springtime, they'll also be the perfect length to wear with your favourite sneakers. Head to our flagship store or check our online selection to see our new arrivals, they won't disappoint!

20 Jan '17


It's that time of year again when the sales emerge to make way for the anticipated spring collections. We've got you covered for all your last minute winter essentials, that will help you get through these colder months and get you excited for a new season. 

What better way to indulge then to treat yourself with a new winter sweater? Take advantage of these sales before the new collections arrive and we say goodbye to that shirt you've been eyeing for the past few months. 

Not only will you be prepared for the transitional period but you'll have gotten your must-have at a reduced price! Why not pair your new sleeveless top with a turtleneck underneath? Or better yet, layer it with a snuggly lighter jacket. Make a statement, in these colder months, by pairing ripped jeans with something fun underneath. If all else fails, you know you can never go wrong with a pair of jeans and one of our thick winter sweaters. Winter can be cold in this city but don't let that stop you from enjoying the creative side of your style. 

Come by the store to see for yourself and you'll even be able to warm up with one of our delicious coffees!

05 Jan '17

New Year, New Style

Welcome to 2017! We are officially into the beginning of a new year and with that comes new opportunities, new goals and a new effort to redefine your style. Whether this past year brought you many highs, or you're hoping for a fresh start, this is a time when we can enjoy the freedoms of trying something new and different.

Here at MIMI&COCO, we understand that our style evolves through our experiences and our mood. So, as a new year begins, lets have fun redefining how we dress or find something new and unique that will add character to our already impeccable wardrobes. When it comes to taking risks, nothing is easier then trying something new with your style. And hey, you can just change it again the next day.

Stick with basics, but find a new style of jean that will reinvent your everyday outfit. Or why not pair one of your countless sweaters with a unique blouse. Wear white after Labour Day. If you've always worn low rise jeans, see how a high waisted pair can totally change up your style. Have fun with your pieces of clothing. Your wardrobe is meant to enhance and add a little something to your story, don't be afraid to experiment.

With that being said, stop by the store and let us help you find something new. Or simply check out our online stock and be inspired from the comfort of your own home. 

03 Nov '16

Bundled Up for the Cold

The cold weather has hit us like a ton of bricks. Never mind the colder sunny days we usually see and say hello to wind and rain. While Montrealers are experts at surviving the winter months, it’s always something that we need to prepare ourselves for.

One positive note that comes out of the change in weather is that we can finally pull out our favorite coats or go on the hunt to *finally* find one. Like any style-lover out there, the ideal jacket or coat is one that will enhance your outfit, not hide it away. 

So after saying all this, we've recently gotten the perfect styles for your closet. Why not treat yourself and find a unique piece to add to your collection? Here are our top picks for this time of year. 

Shop all these pieces online and at our store on Laurier!

 Just because we put away our bikinis (until our next escape down south), it doesn’t mean our smiles need to disappear along with them. With your favourite new accessory keeping you warm, grab your girlfriends, a coffee and spend it outside admiring our beautiful city. Just don’t forget to Instagram some pretty fall leaves before they all turn brown.

23 Jul '15

Vacation Essentials

Posted by sophie chenier in mimicoco, mimicocogirls, minkpink, nativeshoes, ootd, tgif

Que vous y revenez, que vous y revez, ou que vous restez a montreal, voici quelques éléments essentiels pour votre séjour, selon Mimi & Coco :

- Lunettes KOMONO

- Sandales fleuries NATIVE

- Chandail " LA TO VEGAS " de Minkpink

- Bas de maillot Love space swim par Monica Wise

- Great escapes Europe (Taschen)  

Pour moi, voyager signifie s'échapper de la réalité, oublié la notion du temps et se promener sans but exact.... 

Prendre le temps de faire les choses sans stress et obligations.

Prendre une grande respiration et vivre le moment présent ! 

Lors de mon séjour,  je n'aurai pu me passer de mon livre de poche :

( Livre autobiographique de la realisatrice de l'émission américaine a succès GIRLS, que je recommande fortement a toutes. ) 

 De mes natives, parfaite pour la plage ou pour une promenade en ville (et qui peuvent etre portées avec une robe lors une soirée) :


Et finalement de mon chapeau pour me protéger des rayons UV :

Je vous souhaite de passer une excellente fin d'été !