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24 Mar '17

Spring Trends

I know it doesn't always feel like it, especially with our recent weather, but spring is right around the corner. Now's the time to pick up our most needed basics and find some new items that will rejuvenate our wardrobes.  

The warmer weather will sneak up on us and let's all be ready. Rather then spending the day in stores, why not get a head start so that you can enjoy being outside during the beautiful days. Here are some of our favourite trends of the season and how you can pair them with your favourite basics :)

You can never go wrong with stripes. That's why whether you wear them with your favourite linen pants or styled with a classic blue jean, they'll always make you look and feel good. Bootcut is making a comeback! So why not have some fun with the trend and try on these gorgeous Levi's ones. Not only will you make a statement, but you'll be able to do it comfortably as well ;) Finally, you can't go wrong with some crisp white sneakers and a black cotton pant. They've become the perfect options when you want to look a bit more put together but still stylish and relaxed. 

After picking out your basics, check out our gorgeous trend setting pieces that will make your heart flutter. Off the shoulder and bell sleeves? Double Check. Camo print or embroidery? Why not both? You'll even be able to carry these spring trends into the fall months later this year. Finally, we just couldn't get away from those stripes. Do what these fabulous fashionistas are doing and pair them with your trend pieces. Be bold and wear two patterns. Or keep it classic and wear the dress with your favourite jean jacket. Finally, lets not forget to biggest trend of the season, PINK. Come check out our selection of pink footwear that you simply won't be able to walk away from.

If anything, this spring season is teaching us that mixing our feminine and rougher pieces make for the best outfits. So come check out our new stock and let us help you find the perfect new pieces to add to your wardrobe!

17 Mar '17

À L'honneur: LaMarque

LaMarque est une compagnie qui perfectionne la combinaison de chic et cool. Avec des styles classiques et une coupe moderne, chaque morceaux fait un "statement". Une marque montréalaise, les morceaux prennent la ville en tête, que ce soit le style urbain ou la température, il y à de tout. 

Leurs manteaux en cuirs et en suede savent comment fondre notre cœur et sont aussi parfait pour nos printemps. Fait un peu plus épais, LaMarque connaît que parfois il fait un peu plus froid et il nous faut des morceaux en cuir un peu plus durable. 

Les petits hauts sont aussi parfaite pour tout soirée. Que ce soit quelque chose de plus relax, vous avez juste à porte leur top en lin. La longueur et la coupe sont parfaites pour n'importe occasion. Vous voulez quelque chose  de plus habiller, leur camisole en soie vas vous plaîr. Avec le détail sur le dos, vous pouvez le porter avec un jean blanc et vos talons favoris.

Venez en magasin pour trouver votre morceaux favoris. Achetez-vous une pièce que vous pourrez garder pendant des années et sera toujours en style.

10 Mar '17

The Bomber Jacket Love Continues

It's become your new leather jacket. That piece you can throw over pretty much anything and can step out of the house without a second  glance. 

Bomber jackets have been able to transform our ordinary outfits into statement looks. They allow us to have fun but stay comfortable. What's great about this season is their addition of feminine qualities to the otherwise oversized, masculine fit. 

Here at MIMI&COCO we're all about combining different styles to get your own personal look and these jackets are great pieces to do just that. 

We're seeing the jacket with embroidery or even in a slim fit, meaning there isn't an excess of material at the hips. While it's always a plus to wear something oversized and not having to worry about comfort, these fitter pieces will pair so nicely is our skirts and dresses. 

Check these out on our website or come in store to see the entire collection! You'll want to find your new statement piece for the spring/summer season and we've got exactly what you're looking for!  

24 Feb '17

Let the Inspiration Begin

February is coming to a close and with that we are that much closer to the early signs of spring. Montreal has started to see these signs with warmer, longer days and the sun is finally coming out to treat us in the afternoons. Not only does this get you out of your winter blues but it also pushes you to go outdoors and check out our new arrivals ;)

So with that, what better way then putting together a few mood boards that will inspire both your spring and summer wardrobes. It doesn't hurt that spring break is also coming up, which means, if you're going away, you have the perfect excuse to begin looking for warmer pieces. 

It's time to put away our big coats and check out all the newest light denim trends. Whether you're looking for a classic high waist or you're on the hunt for a trendy pair of boyfriend cutoffs, we've got what you're looking for. This time of year also means you can step out in your favourite sweater without having to hid it under your winter coat.

The pinks are making a comeback this summer so don't be scared of getting yourself a lights sweater and pairing it with those white jeans. You also can't go wrong with a gorgeous pair of linen pants. They'll fit perfectly with your heels at work but also be effortless on the weekend with your favourite pair of espadrilles.

As always, you'll find these models on our website and in store. If you are on the hunt to update your spring wardrobe, stop by and we'll help you find the perfect pieces! 

18 Feb '17

Le Monde de Levi's

De nos jours, la marque Levi's est synonyme avec jeans. C'est une marque qui existe depuis plus de 100 ans et qui ne perd jamais son style sans effort. Chez MIMI&COCO on reconnait la haute qualité des jeans Levi's et le fait que c'est un pantalon que vous garderez pendant des années. 

C'est pour ses raisons, que l'on continue à offrir cette marque à chaque saison. Levi's sait aussi comment mettre à jour des styles classiques. On prend par exemple, leur fameux jean 501; c'est la coupe boyfriend qui donne un look très stylé mais sans effort. Cette saison on le revoit mais un peu plus ajusté pour mettre la jambe plus en valeur. 

On peut aussi voir cet effet dans les nouveaux shorts et jupes que Levi's a sorti cette saison. Avec des coupes qui mettent les fesses en valeur sans étant trop courtes non plus, ils sont parfaits pour les journées humides de notre été montréalais. 

Avec la qualité et la réputation de Levi's, non seulement  vous trouverez votre nouvelle paire de jeans favoris mais aussi à un prix très abordables.

Venez en boutique pour qu'on puisse vous aider à trouver votre style!