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28 Apr '17

Vacation Mode

We're nearing the end of April and that means we're all starting to think of the summer vacations we'll be escaping too soon. With that comes the excitement of planning out which outfits we'll be bringing with us and which pieces we're still in need of. 

Don't fret, here at MIMI&COCO, we've got you covered. Whether you're looking for a playful, summer playsuit, or the perfect shoes for sightseeing, there's something for everyone. 

Now is also the best time to find your new favourite bikini. Whether you're on the hunt for a one piece, or a classic two piece set, come see us at the store before they're all gone. You can also never go wrong with a pair of cutoff shorts or some linen pants. 

Vacations allow us to play around with our style and step out of our comfort zone, with pieces we wouldn't normally wear in the city. So, come see us at our flagship on Laurier and don't forget to tag any of your Instagram travel pictures with the hashtag #mimicocogirls!

21 Apr '17

Pour L'Amour du Vert

À la fin de l'hiver, nous pouvons nous perdre dans notre garde robe rempli de vêtements blanc et noir. C'est plus facile d'acheter les mêmes couleurs et pas prendre de risque. Par contre, c'est lorsque qu'on s’aventure à intégrer de la couleur qu'on crée des ensembles inoubliables.

C'est pour cela, qu'on vous présente aujourd'hui une des couleurs les plus populaires de cet été, le vert. Le vert, ou le khaki, ne sont plus des couleurs d’automne. En fait, le vert est devenu un nouveaux favoris parmi notre palette. Soit, qu'on le porte avec son chandail blanc préféré ou on l'enfile avec un beau talon noir et une blouse rayée. La couleur est parfaite pour faire ressortir votre teint et ajouter un quelque chose de spécial à votre look. 

Enfin, comme le rose ou le bourgogne, le vert peut accompagner diverses autres couleurs; que ce soit le bleu, l'orange et même le gris. C'est la couleur parfaite pour transformer votre look de jour en tenue de soir. 

Venez nous visiter à notre boutique ou en ligne pour voir les options surprenantes pour cette été!



10 Mar '17

The Bomber Jacket Love Continues

It's become your new leather jacket. That piece you can throw over pretty much anything and can step out of the house without a second  glance. 

Bomber jackets have been able to transform our ordinary outfits into statement looks. They allow us to have fun but stay comfortable. What's great about this season is their addition of feminine qualities to the otherwise oversized, masculine fit. 

Here at MIMI&COCO we're all about combining different styles to get your own personal look and these jackets are great pieces to do just that. 

We're seeing the jacket with embroidery or even in a slim fit, meaning there isn't an excess of material at the hips. While it's always a plus to wear something oversized and not having to worry about comfort, these fitter pieces will pair so nicely is our skirts and dresses. 

Check these out on our website or come in store to see the entire collection! You'll want to find your new statement piece for the spring/summer season and we've got exactly what you're looking for!  

20 Jan '17


It's that time of year again when the sales emerge to make way for the anticipated spring collections. We've got you covered for all your last minute winter essentials, that will help you get through these colder months and get you excited for a new season. 

What better way to indulge then to treat yourself with a new winter sweater? Take advantage of these sales before the new collections arrive and we say goodbye to that shirt you've been eyeing for the past few months. 

Not only will you be prepared for the transitional period but you'll have gotten your must-have at a reduced price! Why not pair your new sleeveless top with a turtleneck underneath? Or better yet, layer it with a snuggly lighter jacket. Make a statement, in these colder months, by pairing ripped jeans with something fun underneath. If all else fails, you know you can never go wrong with a pair of jeans and one of our thick winter sweaters. Winter can be cold in this city but don't let that stop you from enjoying the creative side of your style. 

Come by the store to see for yourself and you'll even be able to warm up with one of our delicious coffees!