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24 Feb '17

Let the Inspiration Begin

February is coming to a close and with that we are that much closer to the early signs of spring. Montreal has started to see these signs with warmer, longer days and the sun is finally coming out to treat us in the afternoons. Not only does this get you out of your winter blues but it also pushes you to go outdoors and check out our new arrivals ;)

So with that, what better way then putting together a few mood boards that will inspire both your spring and summer wardrobes. It doesn't hurt that spring break is also coming up, which means, if you're going away, you have the perfect excuse to begin looking for warmer pieces. 

It's time to put away our big coats and check out all the newest light denim trends. Whether you're looking for a classic high waist or you're on the hunt for a trendy pair of boyfriend cutoffs, we've got what you're looking for. This time of year also means you can step out in your favourite sweater without having to hid it under your winter coat.

The pinks are making a comeback this summer so don't be scared of getting yourself a lights sweater and pairing it with those white jeans. You also can't go wrong with a gorgeous pair of linen pants. They'll fit perfectly with your heels at work but also be effortless on the weekend with your favourite pair of espadrilles.

As always, you'll find these models on our website and in store. If you are on the hunt to update your spring wardrobe, stop by and we'll help you find the perfect pieces! 

05 Jan '17

New Year, New Style

Welcome to 2017! We are officially into the beginning of a new year and with that comes new opportunities, new goals and a new effort to redefine your style. Whether this past year brought you many highs, or you're hoping for a fresh start, this is a time when we can enjoy the freedoms of trying something new and different.

Here at MIMI&COCO, we understand that our style evolves through our experiences and our mood. So, as a new year begins, lets have fun redefining how we dress or find something new and unique that will add character to our already impeccable wardrobes. When it comes to taking risks, nothing is easier then trying something new with your style. And hey, you can just change it again the next day.

Stick with basics, but find a new style of jean that will reinvent your everyday outfit. Or why not pair one of your countless sweaters with a unique blouse. Wear white after Labour Day. If you've always worn low rise jeans, see how a high waisted pair can totally change up your style. Have fun with your pieces of clothing. Your wardrobe is meant to enhance and add a little something to your story, don't be afraid to experiment.

With that being said, stop by the store and let us help you find something new. Or simply check out our online stock and be inspired from the comfort of your own home. 

29 Dec '16

Sweater Weather

The holidays are over and you can finally relax. The dinner parties have subsided and it's finally time to settle by the fire, enjoy our snowy weather and start that book you've been putting aside all month. 

Some good R&R is all you need and that includes staying warm in a beautiful new sweater. There's no need to be fussy with our wardrobes right now. After getting dressed up for holiday parties and preparing yourself for New Years Eve, now is the time to stay comfortable and cozy. At Mimi&Coco, we understand your needs and we've got you covered for all things loungewear. Here are some of our top picks that will keep you warm but still make it seem like you didn't just roll out of bed. 

Not only do you want to find the perfect cozy sweater but then you also need to pair it with the perfect bottoms. We've got you covered when it comes to comfortable jeans. Nothing beats a pair that look sleek but also fit like they're an extensive of your skin. Pass by the store (201 Laurier Ouest) and we'll find you your dream style.

Come this time of year, we really need to appreciate the small things in our lives. The winter is long and if we can find ways of staying comfortable and warm during these colder months, summer will arrive in no time.

10 Nov '16

The Perfect Fit

Jeans. They're a staple in many of our wardrobes and yet they can be the most challenging to shop for. Finding the right shade and fit can seem like mission impossible. And yet once we do, it's like we've won the lottery and it becomes the highlight of our day. 

Here at Mimi&Coco we take pride in the fact that we carry an array of different varieties, so that you can find your perfect fit. Whether you're looking for high waisted, low rise, dark wash or white, slim cut or boyfriend, we've got you covered. 

These are some of our top picks (available in store & on the website):

Fidelity Belvedere: The fit on the jeans is stunning. While being made with extendible fabric, the jean still has a rigid quality meaning it won't sag after a few wears. High waisted and a dark blue wash, it allows you to dress them up however you choose. Another key quality of these is their comfort, they look and feel like a jean but have the comfort of a legging.

Levi's 505CT: There's a reason Levi's has been a jean staple for over 50 years. The quality and comfort are unbelievable. I think their lighter washes are some of the best because the fabric is thick enough to still give a great shape. They aren't very stretchy, meaning the lighter tones won't loose their shape quickly. The cropped, boyfriend cut allows you to have fun with your style. Pair the jean with a heeled boot for a night out or wear them with some funky sneakers for your everyday casual look. 

Kancan Holly Jeans: These are a new addition to MIMI's collection and have become serious game changers. This mid rise, dark wash is a great option for everyday, it's also extremely extendible meaning the comfort level on these is right up there. There's also an added value to them because they can fit different body shapes. Whether you're curvier or have a less defined waist, the jean moulds to your body and showcases YOUR best assets. 

Yoga Jean High Rise Skinny Ankle: A proud, made in Montreal brand, Yoga Jeans really puts a point on comfort and style. A slightly lighter wash, this jean allows you to go about your day and forget that you're wearing a jean. It's made with the idea that your every day life is still very active and so you need a pair of jeans that will accommodate rather then impede that. 

There you have, our ideal choices for comfort and style. Don't let the fear of the unknown keep you from finding your perfect fit. Next time you're in need, pop into the store and we'll help you fall in love with a new pair.