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19 Jan '18

These Will Change Your Life

Posted by Emilia Kotsoros

high waisted jeans in different tones

I'm surely not the first person to say this, but go pick yourself up a pair of high waisted jeans! Why? Because they will change how you feel about wearing jeans and they'll instantly add a sense of chic to your wardrobe. 

Gone are the days of wearing low rise jeans! There are so many new styles out there, that finding the perfect high waisted fit has become even easier. Whether you want to find a thicker denim, or you prefer softer, more relaxed styles, we've got you covered. High waisted jeans are also a great idea when you're looking for a multi-purpose pant. Simply take a black jean for example. The waistband falls high enough that you can pair them with a blouse, ready for the day at the office. Or throw on your favourite band tee and a leather jacket for a great evening outfit! 

Not only are high waisted jeans flattering, but they're also extremely comfortable since they don't cut you right in the stomach. Elongating the leg, these jeans are great if you want to throw on a pair of sneakers, or make a statement and finish the look off with a heel.  

With a number of different brands and tones available, we've got you covered when it comes to choosing the most flattering high waisted fit!

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